Buttercup Yellow & Royal Blue Silk Cuffknots

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Buttercup Yellow & Royal Blue Silk Cuffknots

These wonderful buttercup yellow and royal blue silk cuffknots knot shaped have been carefully handmade for you in this classic and practical two knots style. Both ends are knotted ensuring they can be used both ways around and work well with any double cuff shirt. Silk knot cufflinks provides a classic and stylish touch to any outfit. We have hundreds of designs available.

J.L.TOMAN offer a huge range of colour and style variations, including knot, flower, barrel and chessboard styles. Given how inexpensive they are, select yourself to a few of them!

All pairs of J.L.TOMAN silk knot cufflinks come individually packed in own soft draw string pouch.

Buy any 4 pairs of cuffknots and we will give you in a 5th surprise pair for free!

We're confident you'll love our products.

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